Lynda Lee Weaver provides legal services pertaining to these and other practice areas:

Fraud & Commercial Fraud

The intentional use of deceit, a trick or some dishonest means to deprive another of his/her/its money, property or a legal right.

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Car Wrecks for Families

The legal rules that determine who is responsible for the personal and property damage resulting from a traffic collision.

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Every year, thousands of Americans are bitten by animals -- most often dogs. In many cases, a person bitten by an animal may have a legal right to recover damages from the animal's owner or another responsible party.

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Medical/Dental Malpractice

Professional negligence by act or omission by a health care provider in which the treatment provided falls below the accepted standard of practice in the medical community and causes injury or death to the patient, with most cases involving medical error.

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Accidents at Work

If you are injured in an accident at work you are probably entitled to workers compensation. Nearly every employer is required by state law to provide workers compensation insurance coverage for it's employees. If you suffer a job-related injury, here are a few important tips to protect your legal rights.

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Tripping Accidents

When one party is injured on the premises of another party, for example by slipping on ice or tripping over debris, it is called a "slip and fall" injury. There are no hard and fast rules for proving fault in slip and fall injuries, as each case is based on whether or not the premises owner allowed a dangerous condition to persist.

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Product Liability

Defective or dangerous products are the cause of thousands of injuries every year in the U.S. "Product liability law," the legal rules concerning who is responsible for defective or dangerous products, is different from ordinary injury law, and this set of rules sometimes makes it easier for an injured person to recover damages.

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Guardian At Litem

When a person involved in a suit cannot adequately represent his or her own interests, the court may appoint a guardian ad litem to protect the person's interests.

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