ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Every August Until A Cure

Lynda Lee and her family understands people may see it as last year’s fad, but for them, ALS is everyday life.
Fifteen years ago, her mom and the patriarch of the Weaver family, Betty Weaver, was fighting and lost to a daily battle with the disease that spurred the Ice Bucket Challenge.
“We were challenged by ALS when our mom had it and passed away from it,” Lynda’s brother shared during their first Ice Bucket Challenge public video.

Lynda Lee says the Ice Bucket Challenge and the money it generates is a little bit of peace of mind, when it can be hard to come by. “I don’t think a lot of people realize what a family with ALS goes through,” she said.cropped-ALS_logo

The Weaver family says it has made it through the difficult journey with the help of family and friends.They are continuing to support ALS Texas by re-posting their video from last year to generate continued awareness for the cause. They are also promising a new video in September, when the family is back together again! Visit to learn more about the ALS Texas chapter.

And now, for the video! WARNING: You’re going to want to watch til the very end! Here’s a hint: Lynda Lee promises to have better aim in this year’s video!

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